Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Tribute with Love and Honor to My Mom

As the day to honor all Mothers is here I think of and honor my own mother who, I am sad to say is no longer here. I sing just a few of her many praises as I join others in honoring their Moms on this day.

 The day she passed, I lost my greatest champion, my greatest encourager and a large part of my heart. I often think of her presence and my father in that great cloud of witnesses cheering me and our family on, through all the trials and joys we walk through in our daily lives.

Maria del Carmen Matos-Trujillo Valuja                                                                   

Her quiet strength, perseverance and grace was evident throughout her life. Wisdom and grace, always...

Through her, I learned the importance of kindness and grace towards others, since we never really know their circumstances... and to always let those you love, know your heart.

She lived through her heart, in kindness and love, evident as she gave to others often out of her own need.

 I know that my deep love for family and family history came from my mom and dad.  

My parents came from Cuba to this country, separately and met through mutual friends, who would later become my aunts and uncles. Throughout my life they shared family stories about their lives in Cuba and how their families originally traveled from Spain and the Canary Islands.... oh, how I wish, I had asked many more questions than I did.

As many of our ancestors, they left everything behind and arrived in this country in the 1950's. A world that was more disconnected, as on-existent technology as we know it today, made a decision to emigrate from another country more pronounced and absolute.

I am deeply thankful and humbled by their lives, sacrifices and all that they imparted to me and my sister through their life and love for us.

On this Mother’s Day, I honor my Mom, Grandmother to my children and my sister’s children....

 ~ Maria del Carmen Valuja
 ~ Maria del Carmen Matos-Trujillo de Valuja  (Spanish-style)

I love you for always and infinity, Mom!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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