Monday, September 17, 2012

Will Georgia Become a Precedent for Other States?

The Past cannot be hidden.
Can we stop this in its track or is this just the beginning...

Archives are public records that provide 'evidence' that inform us about the past. 
It is our 'Rights as Citizens ' to have access to these records. 

Limiting or closing Governmental repositories that contain public information is unconstitutional.   

Support Georgia Archives
Let’s work together and help stop the closure of Georgia Archives.
~ Please click on link & sign petition                                                      Leave our state archives open to the public

 Is there an agenda?                   
   Is Georgia Padlocking its Past by Closing its Archives?

We cannot afford to allow this to become a precedent for other states, in the future. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sign Petition To Leave Our State Archives Open to Public

Let's all support the petition to the Governor of Georgia to leave our State Archives open to the Public.
Sign Petition to keep GA State Archives Open

Monday, September 10, 2012

Progeny Genealogy: Charts for Genetics

Very interesting....  Really like this visual feature on a family tree.
Progeny Genealogy: Charts for Genetics: The Charting Companion Descendant and Outline Descendant charts provide some interesting genetic options: Y-chromosome and Mitochondrial. ...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Genealogy Software ~ Has Come A Long Way for PC and Mac

Genealogy software for Mac computers sure have come a long way in the last several years. I am surprised to see the variety that is now available when just a few years ago there were maybe one or two choices. 

Years ago, my first PC Genealogy software program was Family Tree Maker, which I enjoyed.  A few years later I added Legacy Family Tree which I still use. 
When my husband suggested I switch to a Mac computer I realized that all the software I owned including my precious Genealogy software would not work on this wonderful piece of technology. 
Well, rock my world it did since I tend to ascribe to "If it is not broken, don’t fix it.”   In addition the 'dreaded learning curve' was set in motion as I threw myself into gear to learn how to use this brand new system in which I had to admit ran pretty darn good.  

So at this point I started my research to replace what I currently owned.  I became discouraged as I quickly realized there were few choices in software programs for Macs in general and even fewer for a specialized product such as genealogy software.  

That was many years ago... my, how times have changed. 
I eventually found a good Genealogy software that works very well since I spend most of my time on the computer on the Mac side. 
I will say,  I still enjoy my Legacy software on the PC side and yes, I still have my original Family Tree Maker as well which I keep as backup.
It was difficult to decide a primary program for all my new information, but I quickly realized that multiple locations would become difficult at best as far as efficiency and productivity in locating information.   

At this point, FTM has a Mac version and I recently heard that Legacy may be coming out with their version at some point in the near future.  

What did I say earlier about not enough choices?  Now,  there are so many that it is harder to commit to just one.  For more information, here is a link to the 2012 Best Genealogy software for Mac and PC review by Top Ten Reviews.  
 Mac Genealogy Software Review 2011      
 PC Genealogy Software Review 2012

Hope this is helpful if you are trying to decide on a new program.


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