Monday, April 30, 2012

A Work in Progress...

Here it is, April almost over, and my last entry was in March.  Looks like I have been on a temporary hiatus.  All I can say is... time to get busy.
It was last year that I started hearing how important it was to have a Genealogy blog for a variety of reasons.  Well, I procrastinated for almost 10 months, deliberating on all the reasons why I was not prepared to tackle this mountain.  As it turned out it was actually a much higher mountain than I even imagined.  Yet if I had the foresight to see this, I would have gone running the opposite direction and never gone down this road.  I like challenges, but being technologically challenged, to put it simply, is not fun.
So, the leap I did take and started my blog this past February, despite that I knew absolutely, nothing about how to go about it.  It would have been wonderful to have a step by step outline of what to do.  All I can say, is I literally found my way through numerous trials and errors.  There are a few things that I have not found answers but hopefully I will, in due time.
     Of course, I realize as I admit this, that anyone reading this entry most certainly, already has a blog, and based on the blogs that I have seen, skilled and accomplished, at that.  In addition, as if that were not enough, most likely well-tenured in years in the art of Genealogical research.  
So, I am struck out on both counts.  Limited experience running a blog and attempting to catch up on 25+ years.... yes I said 25+ years of Genealogical research I could only dream about through those years of raising 5 very active and healthy children, which I absolutely adore and am so thankful for.  Even so, I was keenly aware throughout those years that there is a ‘Season’ for everything and there is nothing better than the ‘right’ timing for anything and everything.  That is where the peace will always be...need I say more.. 

     Are there others who can identify with some aspects of these situations?  Probably.  At least it is reassuring to think of the possibility.  However, if not I am sure that someone can relate to some aspect of their first experience in undertaking the challenge of attaining and compiling information for their Family History. 
So with that being said, if you have a blog or website, and have been working in the field of genealogy for a few years, I absolutely welcome and appreciate any suggestions or thoughts about your experiences that you are willing to share and .....
I thank you in advance.