Saturday, July 29, 2017

This Month's Roundup & Reflection

Summer has been moving at a fast pace, steadily along amidst our everyday life. As we make our plans and to do lists we make headway and then somehow life and events just take over in the midst. Time, just flies... as it has always been said. 

On a personal note, my grandaughter turned two this past week, and we are fervently awaiting the birth of our 2nd grandaughter, as we speak.    


The natural process of the circle of life continuously moving, nonstop. 

In the midst of awaiting the birth of new life, July has also been a time of saying goodbye to my Uncle Mike, as he came to the end of his journey in this life. As I searched for photos for the memorial service, I came across many old photos of all the fun places I went with my aunt and uncle as a very young child.. I was so moved at how many of them were with his hand in mine. Such dear memories.  

                             So long for now, Uncle Mike..... we love you.

Last month, we learned about FamilySearch discontinuing their microfilm distribution at the end of August. So, with that information in tow, I decided that it was time to tackle a few of the documents that I have needed, after putting it off for several years.  

So, instead of ordering the microfilm to view, I decided to set aside the month of July to locate where I could order the actual copies of the records I need.  I ordered four documents in total from New York and Florida -- two marriage records, a death record and a birth record.  
So here, at the end of the month, I have received two, so far. Not bad!!  After, I receive the last two, this will conclude what I need for the U.S. and so I will turn my attention to overseas.       

I admit, that I have been procrastinating a bit on tackling church records for the Canary Islands, since it has to be done by postal service and one must know the correct town or village of an ancestor to contact the correct church. 

I am able to pinpoint the town for my surnames, Matos, Guerra, de la Nuez, Medina, Navarro, in the small town, Arucas, and the surnames of Santana, Vega, and Diaz, in Tafira.  Arucas and Tafira are both located in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria.  

The other surnames are Trujillo and Sierra, from Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is said, that Rafael Trujillo was raised by the sisters at a convent in a local Catholic Church in Santa Cruz, around c1859-1875. He was born around 1859.  His birth mother was Maria Sierra, and his birth father Rafael Trujillo.  
Unfortunately, I have no clue as to the town or the name of the convent.  So, in addition, I am in process of researching orphanages and churches with convents on the island of Tenerife. 

Years later, Rafael married Ana Santana, the daughter of Tomas Santana and Josefa Vega, who lived in Tafira in Gran Canaria.  How they met, I have no idea.. but... I hope to find out.  :) 

Josefa Vega with her grandchildren in Tafira or Santa Brigida in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, circa late 1800's. 

In the late 1870's, Rafael and Ana, left Gran Canaria for Venezuela, along with Ana's three younger brothers, Tomas, Manuel and Agustin. Eventually, after a period of time, in 1881, they immigrated to Cuba and settled in Cardenas, Matanzas, as landowners to raise their family.                 

Ana Santana & Rafael Trujillo with their daughter, Maria Josefa Matos and her children, c1830, Cardenas, Cuba

There are many Santana descendents in the Caredenas area, today, as well as several that have migrated to the United States, in more recent years.  
My hope is to somehow,  find the remaining Santana family in the church records in Tafira or Santa Brigida, where Ana's parents and other siblings remained as well as to discover new cousins in that local area, today.  

In the meantime --- We continue to await on the arrival of our 2nd Granddaughter.   🎀 🎀 🎀
I am certain, that I will have a good news update on her arrival, sometime, soon, in August.  
Until then, may your continued journey bring you new revelations.  

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