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It is my heart to chronicle the lives of our ancestors, bringing them to life as we discover their stories in tandem as we write our own by entrusting details of our lives to those that come behind us... and find the footprints that we leave.

"May your footprints leave a treasured legacy tomorrow" ~ Marilyn -The Genealogy Gap

  A little about me.....
Wife and mother of 5 and former Rockette (Radio City Music Hall).
Studying to become a certified Genealogist, someday.

I created this blog to provide general and personal family research information.  Hopefully, it will be helpful. 

My research focus is the United States, Spain, Canary Islands, and Cuba.  I am also researching England, Ireland, Scotland and France.

"Understanding our past history is a link to our destiny"


  1. Marilyn, I just found your blog via GeneaBloggers today. Looks great! After looking around on your posts, I found your bio...which strangely resonates with me, as long ago my mother was also a dancer, although at Radio City Music Hall's former competition, the Roxy. While I am not researching any of the family lines you've listed, my brother-in-law has roots in Galicia and I hope to someday help him with his research, so I'll be interested in following your progress there!

    1. Thanks, Jacqi! Just a bit behind on my response, here. It is so interesting to know that your mom was also a dancer. I absolutely loved my time at Radio City as a Rockette. Interestingly, according to Rockette history, the “Roxyettes” as they were called in the Roxy Theatre were the actual pre-Rockettes. They left Roxy Theatre with the owner, Samuel Roxy Rothafel to Radio City Music Hall when he left. What years did your mom dance at the Roxy? I guess you could say she was a “Rockette”, indirectly.
      Here are two links you might find interesting.

      As for Galicia, I am slowly making progress. Unfortunately, there is not much online as many other countries, but I hope to see that change, in time. As I wade through it all, I hope to help as many others as I can. Maybe we can help each other out.

  2. Hello Marilyn. Glad to see another tampeno on the web. my grandfather came on the olivette as well as two great grandfathers and many uncles. will be looking for part two! my family goes back 4 generations in tampa through cuba and spain.