Organizing Research

Suggestions For Organizing Genealogy Files. 

**Most of the following information is gleaned from
The video of her webinar is available on Legacy Family Tree Webinars
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 Genealogical Filing systems:
Supplies needed:
 -Container for files
 -File folders 
-1"or 2"  3-ring binder 
-Over-sized subject dividers.

A.  Basic filing system: 
1. Select colors for Surnames
a. Father's Father:  Blue                                                                  
b. Mother's Father:  Red 
c. Father's Mother:  Green 
d. Mother's Mother:  Yellow                                                                                       
2. Label each color file folder with a Surname.     
3. Sort papers & file in correct folder. Arrange by type of record, chronologically by date of record or by family groups.
4. Arranged Alpha- Subdivide Surname files. 
5. Separate docs into files by Surname & Locality.
* If Surname family lived in several locations, add 2 or + folders for each.  
 Ex: Harris:Census, Harris:Land Records, Harris:Immigration Rec.
*If a Doc contains more surnames: Duplicate page or Cross-Reference both surnames in own files.
B.  Organizing Computer Files: 
1. Organize File Structures
2. Organizing digital photos
C. Organize Your Research
1. Genealogy Supplies
2. Create a 'Research Journal' & document all research activity. 
3. Create a 'Timelines'  Folder and Use Timelines for all your Ancestors
4. Use a Genealogy Software Program
D. Organize Family Heirlooms:
1. Inventory each item on your computer by creating a folder for each category. 

E. Useful Forms:
Article Reading List
Research Checklist of Books
Family Correspondence Log
Correspondence Log
Heirloom Inventory
Research Repository Checklist - & Online Internet Sources
Research Calendar
Research Journal
Census Checklist
Research Trip Pack List
Table of Contents for File Folders

 Pedigree Forms and Identification 
5-Generation Ancestor Chart
Family Group Sheet of each Family
Biographical Outline of the Life of each ancestor
Photo-Identification Worksheet

Quick-Reference Guides:
Source Citation Documentation Cheat Sheet
Vital Records Chart

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