Saturday, March 10, 2012

There’s Always a Way..

Just returned from a wonderful trip out west to the Phoenix, Arizona area to visit family for my husband’s sweet Mother’s 90th Birthday celebration!  
It was my first time out west so you can imagine how fascinated I was with the beautiful desert landscape in the area.  Of course, as far as I am concerned, no trip can be experienced without involving geographical and family history.  On our last day there, my husband’s sister generously shared her family photo album with precious photos of past generations.  I knew my time was limited and I did not want to pass up the opportunity to document this treasure.  
Since, I do not have a ‘Flip-Pal’, I used the next best thing, my handy IPhone. 
I photographed close to 200 photos, front and the back of the photo for identification. 
As for the photos that were unidentified, I was able to ask my Mother-in-Law about them.  It was a blessing to participate with her as she recounted some wonderful memories of her life.  
As I always say... there's always a way.  Although, it may not have been the most perfect, technique, as my husband, who is a professional photographer hinted.  I was at least able to accomplish documenting the photos and spend memorable time with family.  
As a result, I now have a photo to add for those family members as well as fond memories spent hearing about days gone by.
Now, on to setting time to chronicle all those treasures....

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