Friday, June 30, 2017

This Month's Roundup & Reflection

Summer - those wonderful lazy, hazy days of Summers of long ago. I remember, as a child, after school was out in June, that wonderful feeling of freedom for the next three glorious months. Fun, vacations, ice cream, staying up late, sleeping in.

Even, after all these years, those memories permeate through my thoughts as the days grow longer and warmer and I refer to this season as a season of joy and happiness.

These days. It offers an opportunity to set new short-term goals, in addition to my longer term goals.

So far, there have been two new developments that have become priorities due to their time- sensitivity.

Since, FamilySearch has announced that their microfilm distribution will be discontinued on August 31, 2017, my first priority is to review my personal research list of items I need to order on microfilm that I have put off ordering for one reason or another. 

Then, the second, is to write a number of letters, requesting specific information about my Matos Guerra family, from the Diocesis of Gran Canaria.  I recently learned that contacting them by email does not yield the same attention or fulfillment of information requested by a specific church. The only responses appear to be from regular mail. So, as a result, in July, I will need to re-send all the email requests I made several months ago. The diocesis is closed for the entire month of August. So, the quicker I act, the faster the response, which at this point, will be sometime this fall.

Hopefully, you have your project lists made, as well as family fun plans, vacations and travel. I pray you all have a safe and delightful summer and have a happy Fourth of July!!

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