Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We Can (try to) Do All Things

Earlier today I was reflecting on the challenges we all face attempting to find a balance between the variety of daily responsibilities in our lives, which consist of our family, home-life, work, outside commitments, and the list goes on and on.  
Somehow, however, in the midst of this dilemma, we desperately attempt to sequester time for our genealogical research.  Well, at least I do.  Although there are only twenty-four hours in a day and seven days in the week, it seems that everyone else has much more efficient and productive methods of balancing and expending this precious time.
As we all know, genealogy research can easily consume vast amounts of our time, which we readily and delightedly succumb without protest, especially as we are convinced that we are directly on the verge of that next ‘great discovery’ to our ‘brick wall’, which we have been awaiting for an eternity.  It seems that if we hang on just a bit longer, we will find what we are searching for.  Despite our focus and determination to ‘stay on track’ the other areas in our busy lives continue to demand our immediate attention.  
In this current era we live in, the availability of technology and knowledge is astounding, especially for those of us who did not grow up with home computers, now a common necessity in society. Okay, I really sound dated now.  
Knowledge can be a double-edged sword.  It is amazing to have an infinite amount of data available at the tips of our fingers, yet on the flip-side, all that valuable, informative technology we are witnessing in our lives today can sometimes lead to excess and inaccurate information, or as I like to refer to it, 'information overload'.  
 Truth be told, realistically, there is not one person who does not struggle with some facet of time constraint at some point in their life, in one area or another. 
I am continually discovering that it all comes down to priorities and balance in our daily lives versus others and our own expectations and demands.  
Overall, balance in all things is probably the best rule of thumb as well as realizing that we will always need to assess the moment as it presents itself to determine the best decision. 
Undoubtedly, we all have periods of time where things happen all at once and then through the grace of God, we have a time of ‘calm’ on the other side.  
Coincidentally, later on this afternoon I ran across an article  from My Heritage, titled 'International Day of Families: Balancing Work and Life', which of course, caught my immediate attention.  Here is the link: http://blog.myheritage.com/2012/05/international-day-of-families-balancing-work-and-life/  The article states that to achieve a healthy balance of personal life and work, it is important to prioritize and focus on what’s personally important in our lives.   At this point, I was assured I was on the right track. 

I believe this was my confirming word and encouragement for the day by Divine providence.
I try to remember that we can do all things, and we will not be given more than we can bear if we remain balanced and possess a positive frame of mind and keep our faith, of course.

'May your footprints today, leave a legacy tomorrow'

Copyright © 2012 Marilyn Poole /The Genealogy Gap

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