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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Wonderful World of Webinars

     We are living in a Cyber-world more and more.... not a bad thing by any means but balance is good as we still need to be around other people as well.  Webinars.... it's a beautiful thing.
     Let me start out by saying that I am a member of my local State Genealogical Society and love the times that we assemble together for our meetings as well as the friendships that have developed.  In my humble opinion, participating or becoming involved at the local level is important as it brings friendships and encouragement, both an invaluable part of life in general as well as helping others and your own genealogy research. 
     With that said, I also realize the valuable resource of Webinars which is becoming more vital in the business arena and obviously has many advantages in our technological world.  
Webinars, as used for all types of businesses as a powerful tool of choice for presentations and teaching aids, has simultaneously become another fantastic way to connect with others with similar interests on a more widespread and often international scale, as in the world of genealogy.  We are so fortunate to have access and glean from the generosity of others in this field who teach and encourage others in their own areas of expertise.  
     For further reading, here is a link to a nice article that I read today on ‘Everyday Genealogy’ , 'Spend Less and See More with Webinars' by Pattie Schultz.  'Spend Less and See More with Webinars'   She talks about this essential tool as a convenience and the affordability and wealth of information available on webinars.  
On a personal note,  this has been an invaluable tool as it has widened my horizons and accelerated my own growth in supplementing my education in genealogical research.  
     There is such an array of topics ranging from the practical of what I call ‘genealogical housekeeping’ which includes storing and preserving data, filing of all that wonderful information acquired, as well as the more specific detailed instructions regarding methodology, procedures, case studies and proof arguments and of course the vital citing of our sources, and the list goes on and on. 
     Yes, the Webinar has made our world a bit smaller and much more connected and I just cannot say enough about it.  It’s a wonderful thing!
“May your footprints today leave a legacy tomorrow’